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 What's on Carnival Street
Bordertown Council
 Posted: Oct 4 2012, 03:28 PM
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One of the main throughaway streets of Soho with plenty of entertainment venues. It is mostly neutral territory, except for the Rune Lord block. Carnival Street is a must-visit for noobs, tourists and slumming Uptown folks as it features venues and business friendly to all.

Basic Soho Information
Prominent Ethnic Groups: humans, halfies, truebloods
Income Level: Low- Extremely Low
Prominent Occupations: none, theieves, entertainers. buskers, bar owners and staff, small business owners and staff
Local Gangs: Bloods, Pack, Rune Lords, Dead Warlocks, Thunderbirds

Street Information
Gang Turf Standing: Neutral Zone (except for Rune Lord block)
Friendly to: halfies
Hostile to: n/a
Neutral to: all

Notable Sights
Legend:user posted image=food |user posted image=drink | user posted image=shelter | user posted image=shop | user posted image=employment | user posted image=entertainment | user posted image=health care | user posted image=gang

user posted imageTHE DANCING FERRET user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
One of Soho's oldest dive bars and clubs, the Ferret
and it's owner Farrel Din have been around longer than
anyone can remember, since the founding of Bordertown
itself. Other places might be trendier, but the Ferret is a
classic. First beer is on the house for noobs.

user posted imageMAD RIVER CAFE user posted image user posted image user posted image
It's not really on the river (but an illusion spell fixes that).
The food is amazing-- a true Border fusion with NeverNever
ingredients, spells and effect and one of the few places where
Soho locals and Uptown folks can mingle peacefully for a meal.

user posted imageTHE MAGIC LANTERN user posted image user posted image
Bordertown's only working cinema. Well, sort of. The projector
cuts out multiple times during the show, but a band of actors
jumps in to cover any outages. No one has quite figured out
how to handle the occasional escaping celluloid character.

user posted imageRUNE LORD HOUSE user posted image user posted image
The Rune Lords occupy one of the smallest turfs-- just one
square block on the otherwise neutral Carnival Street. They
defend themselves and their house aggressively.

Neighboring Streets:
Mock Avenue, Stone Street

Surrounding Areas
↑ North to: Dragontown
↓ South to: Tintown and Dogtown
→ East to: Riverside
← West to: Parkside & Letterville

Got another sight to add to Carnival Street? Feel free to reply to this thread with a description

Bordertown Staff Team:
Lily - Admin
 Posted: Dec 17 2014, 10:28 PM
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Player name: Sez
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The Food Forest

One block, just one little block the Rune Lords ruled, but they guarded it jealously. Behind the buildings they claimed was a kind of yard, probably once fenced and divided amongst those houses, but over time it had turned into the stereotypical vacant lot; full of rubbish and the odd burned out car.

Two years ago it had started to change. The few hardy weeds were replaced by much heartier looking plants that grew with a speed that was clearly not natural. It wasn’t long before they overran the back lot, lifting the concrete and eating the car. They were not simply weeds gone wild however, for in autumn the new trees were dotted with fruit and a pumpkin vine tried to eat one of the buildings.

In the midst of it all an oak tree grew, faster and bigger than it had any right to grow. It shed acorns across the street and cast a gentle, dappled shade in the summer months. In the winter when the leaves fell some kind of slap-dash structure was visible, high in the boughs. Either it had an infestation of giant squirrels with a penchant for recycled timber, or someone was living up there.

Entry isn’t easy; one must either go through one of the Rune Lord Block buildings, or down the alleyway between the largest, which is overgrown with creepers that move in a disconcerting manner. Once inside however the seeming jungle becomes every permaculturist’s dream; a thriving food forest overflowing with a bounty of fruits and vegetables.

This is Cern’s home. If one peeks in one can occaisionally see a pair of antlers, moving amongst the greenery.

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