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 What's on Hell Street
Bordertown Council
 Posted: Oct 4 2012, 03:17 PM
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Passing through Crystoble Street, Hell Street is a run-down area that runs north-south down to Hell's Gate, entrance to Tintown, Dogtown and the Land of Feral Houses.It's home to some great landmarks as well as the Thunderbird gang.

Basic Soho Information
Prominent Ethnic Groups: humans, halfies, truebloods
Income Level: Low- Extremely Low
Prominent Occupations: none, theieves, entertainers. buskers, bar owners and staff, small business owners and staff
Local Gangs: Bloods, Pack, Rune Lords, Dead Warlocks, Thunderbirds

Street Information
Gang Turf Standing: Thunderbird turf
Friendly to: humans
Hostile to: truebloods
Neutral to: halfies, fisher folk, it's complicated

Notable Sights
Legend:user posted image=food |user posted image=drink | user posted image=shelter | user posted image=shop | user posted image=employment | user posted image=entertainment | user posted image=health care | user posted image=gang

user posted imageLITTLE EARTH user posted image user posted image
An old baseball field near Pack turf was converted
into homes and a meeting point for the Thunderbirds,
a pan-native american gang. The designs are an elective
mix of Soho aesthetics and various native architecture.
Wannabe posers (human and elf alike) have all but closed
off this area to outsiders.

user posted imageO'DONOVAN'S user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
An Irish-style pub with Guinness always on tap and
good Celtic-punk-style music always playing.

user posted imageHELL'S BELLS user posted image user posted image user posted image
Located right next to Hell's Gate itself, arguably one
of the most dangerous part of Soho and serving fine
Parisian cuisine at Soho prices. A mad idea, but it seems
to be working and the place is constantly packed. We still
recommend using the buddy system, though.

user posted imageTUMBLEDOWN PARK user posted image
A skater's heaven with plenty of ramps and rails that also
doubles as Soho's main tent city (since the one at
Fare-You-Well-Park got shut down by the Suits).

user posted imageHELL'S GATE user posted image
Part of the Old City Wall that runs along the western and
southern borders of Soho, Hell's Gate seperates Soho and
Bordertown proper from Tintown, Dogtown and the wild
NeverNever. The gate is often patrolled by Thunderbirds.

Neighboring Streets:
Crystoble Street

Surrounding Areas
↑ North to: Dragontown
↓ South to: Tintown and Dogtown
→ East to: Riverside
← West to: Parkside & Letterville

Got another sight to add to Hell Street? Feel free to reply to this thread with a description

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