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 What's in Gryphon Park
Bordertown Council
 Posted: Oct 4 2012, 02:44 PM
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Bordertown's central business district centered around an actual posh park filled with enchanted fountains and stations. Gryphon Park is also the location of the Bordertown City Council as well as the Bordertown Ballet and the Elfhaeme Opera. Across the park is Gryphon Heights, a well-to-do residental area with human and trueblood neighborhoods.

Basic Information
Prominent Ethnic Groups: humans, truebloods
Income Level: Upper
Prominent Occupations: Silver Suits, business and office postions, politicians and government officials
Local Gangs: none

Notable Sights
Legend:user posted image=food |user posted image=drink | user posted image=shelter | user posted image=shop | user posted image=employment | user posted image=entertainment | user posted image=health care | user posted image=gang

user posted imageBORDERTOWN CITY HALL user posted image
The city hall is presided over by Bordertown's ruling city
council, which is evenly divided into six trueblood and six
human councilmembers (no halfies). The city hall
is located in the center of Gryphon Park.

user posted imageCENTRAL POLICE STATION user posted image
Located next to the City Hall, this is the main offices of
the Silver Suits, Bordertown's police department. The offices
of Bordertown's Sherrif and upper ranking officers are
located here.

user posted imageCENTRAL PARK user posted image
Officially called Gryphon Park, but commonly referred to as
Central Park to avoid confusion with the district of the same
name. This stately and grand park is bordered by business
and government buildings. The park is filled with enchanted
fountains and statues designed by up-and-coming artists.

user posted imageELFHAEME OPERA user posted image user posted image
The Elfhaeme Opera performs out of the Opera House of
the same name. All of the World and Realm classics are
performed here and it is considered a cultural highlight
by Bordertown's elite class.

user posted imageBORDER BALLET user posted image user posted image
Bordertown's main ballet troupe shares a performance
space with the Elfhaeme Opera. The Ballet is wildly
popular among upperclass truebloods and humans.

user posted imageGRYPHON HIEGHTS user posted image
One of the most expensive residential areas of the city,
mainly featuring ritzty penthouses and upscale apartments.
Gryphon Park is home to wealthy merchants, politicians and
other citizens of Bordertown. It is sharply divided into
trueblood and human areas.

Surrounding Areas
↑ North to: Gateway and Elftown
↓ South to: The Promenade
→ East to: Dragon's Tooth Hill
← West to: The Promenade

Got another location to add to Gryphon Park? Feel free to reply to this thread with a description

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