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 What's in Dragontown
Bordertown Council
 Posted: Oct 4 2012, 02:05 PM
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Also known as New Asia, Dragontown is located directly north of Soho. It's subdivided into smaller districts for specific ethnic groups (Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc), held together with lots of winding and twisting streets and alleys. If you don't have a guide, we strongly recommend taking the long way around Dragontown. It's guarded by both the Dragon gang and district residents. The Silver Suits rarely patrol this district as they frequently get lost and the locals tend to have everything under control.

Basic Information
Prominent Ethnic Groups: humans & halfies (Asian descent)
Income Level: Middle
Prominent Occupations: Small business owners and staff
Local Gangs: Dragons

Notable Sights
Legend:user posted image=food |user posted image=drink | user posted image=shelter | user posted image=shop | user posted image=employment | user posted image=entertainment | user posted image=health care | user posted image=gang

user posted imageSHORT LU'S QUICK FIX user posted image user posted image user posted image
Yeah, we love the name, too. And the food is even better at
this Chinese Dragontown restaurant. Quick Lu's is one of the
best places to grab a cheap meal if you're in a hurry or too
hungry to wait at a normal-paced restaurant. Try the velvet
corn chowder. You'll thank us.

user posted imageTHE PHOENIX user posted image user posted image user posted image
Arguably the best Chinese food in Bordertown, and believe
us, they have a lot of competition for the title. The Phoenix
is a little nicer than Short Lu's and a little more expensive,
but the food can't be beat and you won't break the bank for
a meal here. Their specialty is the house lo mein.

user posted imageLHASA TEA HOUSE user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
A Tibetan restaurant whose tea is just as good, if not better
than their food. Be sure to try the Thai iced tea and the
momo (Tibetan dumplings) while you're there. This is a
frequent hangout spot of a small all-girl Tibetan skateboard
gang, the Khandromas (don't worry, they're friendly).

user posted imageKOGA SENSEI'S DOJO user posted image
There's plenty of places in Bordertown to learn to fight, but
Koga's is one of the best. The classes are fairly cheap and
focus on the discipline of Karate. Koga, a human of Japanese
descent, tries to teach his student not just how to fight, but
also self-discipline, self-control and respect.

user posted imageDRAGON GANG DOJO user posted image user posted image
This is the headquarters to of the Dragons, Dragontown's
principle gang. The Dragons see themselves as the protectors
of the district and are always on patrol for would-be
troublemakers. As a whole, the Dragons are arguably the best
fighters of all of Bordertown's gangs. Once a year they have a
martial arts tournament to determine who will be this year's
Dragonmaster, leader of the gang.

Surrounding Areas
↑ North to: The Scandal District
↓ South to: Soho
→ East to: Riverside
← West to: Letterville

Got another sight to add to Dragontown? Feel free to reply to this thread with a description

Bordertown Staff Team:
Lily - Admin
May Lee
 Posted: Jan 12 2013, 03:57 PM
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THE LEE FAMILY TRADING POST user posted image user posted image
The Lee family are Bordertown natives and their shop
is located in the southern part of Dragontown, toward Soho.
Part trading post, part pawn shop, there's a little bit of
everything to be found here. May Lee, the only child of the
family, is a wannabe rockstar and drummer, so don't be
surprised if you heard some odd banging coming from
upstairs. The Lee family lives right above the shop.
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