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 What's in Parkside and Letterville
Bordertown Council
 Posted: Oct 4 2012, 01:46 PM
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Letterville and Parkville are two business and residential neighborhoods for the working class. Letterville is slightly more upscale than Parkville, but both are among the poorest area's of Bordertown. However, they are also two of the most racially tolerant and peaceful districts and one of the best places to raise a family. Letterville was recently threatened by big money "development," but managed to hold it off, setting up the Letterville Neighborhood Association in the process. The LNA is dedicated to preserving the area as a family-friendly working class area as well as being the big push behind the Cleanup the Park Campaign. Letterville is located above and to the west of Parkville.

Basic Information
Prominent Ethnic Groups: humans, halfies, truebloods (lowborns)
Income Level: Low
Prominent Occupations: Factory and warehouse workers
Local Gangs: none

Notable Sights
Legend:user posted image=food |user posted image=drink | user posted image=shelter | user posted image=shop | user posted image=employment | user posted image=entertainment | user posted image=health care | user posted image=gang

user posted imageLETTERVILLE MARKET user posted image user posted image user posted image
Letterville offers an excellent fisher, flowers and farmers'
market, held every Saturday morning in the center of the
district. The selection is limited, but the prices are nice
and low.

user posted imageWEST CANAL/SWEATSHOP ROW user posted image
Bordertown's main industrial district is formally named
West Canal and located on the edge of Letterville next
to Dragontown. Most workers are from Letterville or
Parkside and it is locally known as Sweatshop Row. West
Canal's major product are textiles.

user posted imageFARE-YOU-WELL PARK user posted image
Popular with downtown and uptown locals, the park is
sandwiched between Soho and Parkside. Until the Clean Up
the Park Campaign, this used to be a campground for
a runaway tent city and an endless rave, both since ejected
by the local law. Every July, a summer music hair is held here,
sponsored by popular Soho clubs.

user posted imageGROUND ZERO CAFE user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
Unlike a lot of downtown hangouts, Ground Zero caters to a
mostly adult crowd. Along with good, cheap food, the Cafe is
an excellent place for music lovers to listen to Bordertown's
best local jazz talent.

user posted imageTATTERSTOCK user posted image user posted image
Popular with both people looking to make a little extra cash
and those looking to stretch what they have. Tatterstock pays
ragpickers for their loads of "found" and discarded clothing,
cleans them up, repairs when needed and resells at an
unbeatable low price.

user posted imageSTONED SOUP KITCHEN AND HERBAL PLEASURES user posted image user posted image user posted image
A soup kitchen for those in need with a special not-so-secret
menu for those with a little extra cash or trade goods to spare.
Usually patrons of the latter end up staying for the soup as well.
If you can adjust to the smell, it's a good place for a free meal.

Surrounding Areas
↑ North to: Dragontown and El Barrio
↓ South to: Tintown and Dogtown
→ East to: Soho and Dragontown
← West to: The NeverNever

Got another location to add to Letterville and Parkside? Feel free to reply to this thread with a description

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