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 Like A Shadow In The Night, Tag - Open
William Harrison
 Posted: Nov 29 2014, 01:05 AM
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Nightly walks through the streets of Bordertown were wonderful. You had to watch where you were going and not stray into unfriendly territory, but that kept you sharp. Will, although he had been here for a good while now, still considered himself very much a noob and every chance he got, he went to explore a new part of town.

Tonight, that had lead him to the suburbs. Remarkably quiet it was here. Sure, there were some people out and about, but it wasn't like SoHo, where there was a bar or club in every street, on every corner and life basically sprung right at you. There was also something slightly eerie about this place. Made it interesting, but Will made sure to glance over his shoulder just a couple more times than he would usually do. There were little lights around that illuminated the streets, but half of them weren't working. It would be better to stay away from the dark, narrow alleyways.

Overall, though, Will was content being here. There was fresh air, which he very much enjoyed. The little light allowed him to view the stars a little better. And not being bothered by loud, pounding music was also nice once in a while. Hands in his pockets, he slowly made his way from A to B, of course glancing into houses as he passed by. Out of sheer curiosity and not because he was some kind of creepy stalker.

But it was something on the other end of the street that drew his attention then.

On the wall, across from a lantern pole, moved a shadow. A shadow of a figure, humanoid, probably. That in itself wasn't at all so strange, except that.. Except that there was no one there to cast the shadow in the first place. It just moved over the wall, almost as if it was performing some kind of dancing routine. And as Will came closer - because of course he needed to check this out - he could swear this was the shadow of a real-life stick figure. "What the..?" Dancing shadowy stick figures.

Were Will's eyes deceiving him?

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