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 William Harrison
William Harrison
 Posted: Dec 25 2013, 01:36 AM
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Player name: Sen
Posts: 183
Joined: 25-December 13
Other Characters: Deirdra, Ilyas, Bacon
Awards: None

A Brief Bordertown Blurb about William Harrison
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Alias: Will, mostly, or Doctor.
Age: 38
Usergroup: Noob
Race: Human
Affiliations: None
Citizen since: A couple of days.
District: He’ll prefer to live in SoHo for now.
Trade/Occupation, if any: Doctor, psychiatrist, for what that’s worth here.

Do they have magic?: Other than a particularly bright mind, no
If yes, describe: N/A

Hair style and color: Brown hair, mostly combed back, but always looking neat. Has a little mustache, small beard and sideburns
Eye shape color: a pair of grayish, blue eyes (although some would call them green) that hold a certain hint of mystery.
Build: 6’3”, fit.
Skin tone and marks:
Fashion style (or lackthereof): Likes to dress stylish. He prefers layers of different kinds and likes to create a look of his own. You most likely won’t see him walking around in sweatpants, unless he’s sick or it’s after work hours and no one’s around to see what he’s wearing.
Overall appearance: Will is quite vain, although he won’t likely admit to this. He cares about his looks and spends quite some time on it. He also works out when his schedule allows him to, keeping his body in a good shape. Frankly, he hopes all of these things show.

William is a highly intelligent person, but not one to brag about his own skills. He’s very sober and tries to live in the now as much as possible. He has a photographic memory as well, but despite that, he always carries a writing pad of some sort with him, to take notes. Quite funny, considering that writing reports and files on patients isn’t his favorite thing to do. Highly fascinated with everything that lives, one can often find Will observing his surroundings, trying to wrap his brain around why people do the things they do, what drives them in life and how they feel about their actions. He spends his time analyzing practically everyone’s behavior, except for his own.

Somehow, Will always seems to be in a good mood. He’s calm, barely snaps at people, unless they give him a reason to and is a very likable person, on the outside. He charms people, male and female, with his mysterious dark eyes and can be caught to use his intelligence to toy with people at times. In general, he’s rather kind and respectful, but also uses a good amount of sarcasm when needed. He likes to socialize with people and engage in deep conversations, but can also come across as introverted when he’s occupied with his own thoughts.

Every now and then, he struggles with his past, but usually quickly manages to cover that up with denial again. When giving in to his own wants, he can be selfish and even inconsiderate at times, not caring about the feelings of others, only his own needs.

The man’s an insomniac, sleeping not more than 3 hours at night, on a good night, simply due to the fact that he can’t get his brain to stop working. Even when the lights are turned off and his eyes are closed, his brain is still in ‘analyzing-mode’, and it’s difficult to shut off. Every once in a while, he prescribes himself some sleep medication, to prevent his sleep deprived self from driving him insane and seeing things that aren’t real.

The man can lie through his teeth, without anyone ever noticing. He has years and years of experience in this, but it’s always a conscious decision; when he lies, he knows what he’s doing and why he does it.

He knows practically everything about the human anatomy, because of his past, but also out of interest; one can catch him studying in his spare time every now and then. If needed, he could perform (illegal) surgery. He also has a great knowledge of medicine.

As Will’s had experiences with patients physically attacking him, he makes sure his body is in a good shape, so he can counter such an attack. He’s human, though, and can easily get hurt. He also hasn’t touched a weapon for quite a few years and would probably not know how the modern ones work, unless he’d have some practice first.

He enjoys riding his motorcycle and playing the drums in his spare time, although lately, he hadn’t invested much into his hobbies. He also enjoys several types of music, from heavy metal to classical, and is quite a decent dancer, although that’s something rarely seen by anyone. Some musical pieces he avoids, because they trigger the memory of his ex-wife. Although he’s over her and is no longer in love with the woman, he’s not yet over the fact that he failed to keep his family together and blames himself for that a lot.

Family: Melina (ex-wife), Tygo & Benthe (children), some less important relatives.
Place of Origin: Madaba, Jordan, but lived in New York before coming to B-town.
How I got to Bordertown:

Will was born into this world as Alim Nazari, but has known many aliases all through his life. His entire life consisted merely out of lies. He’d never known his mother and assumed she’d passed around the time he was born, or perhaps a little afterwards. His father was murdered when he was five years old by an unknown gang. From that moment on, the boy grew up along the gang members; apparently, they found in him a useful asset, or they simply couldn’t stand to take the life of a child, and he was taught to torture and kill for the thrill of it at a young age. It wasn’t long before he actually enjoyed taking someone’s life in a most painful way.

The gang he was part of mostly involved themselves in illegal organ trafficking. Before Will was 15 years old, he was an experienced and highly respected members of the gang and before he reached adulthood, he’d lost count of the number of his victims. He’d also studied medicine and human anatomy and had enough knowledge to be labeled as doctor. Always having an interest in the human psyche, he also decided to dig into psychology; getting the right degrees gave him the perfect cover for his secrets.

Will’s double life was a secret for everyone he met, but the void he felt inside of him wasn’t ever filled, no matter how much blood he shed. Due to his high charisma, he was often the one socializing at parties, thrown for the elite; the best of the best, trying to ensnare new clientage, or victims. During one of these parties, he met a woman that would change his life, literally. Melina. He introduced himself to her as William Harrison, the name he’d use in her presence from that moment on; believable due to the English roots of his parents. He attended the parties she attended or threw, but no longer for business purposes. The two of them fell in love. Reason enough for Will to want to give up his murderous habits and secret life, as he experienced something he’d never experienced before in his life; true love. True love, that slowly filled the emptiness inside of him.

As the gang wasn’t planning to release him from their service, he resigned the only way possible; by exterminating every single member. All questions about the mysterious disappearance of the gang are unanswered until this very day; questions only William knows the answers to. This new ‘freedom’ felt like absolute relief, as if he’d been given a new chance in life and he took it gratefully.
For twelve years, he lived a regular life, a rather happy life. Will, officially being a psychiatrist, took on that job and became a ‘regular man’. His secrets were left in the past. He became father of two children, a boy and a girl, and had the perfect little family. But all of this wasn’t meant to last. His marriage ended in a divorce and, feeling as if he’d failed his family, Will moved far away from those he loved. From that point on, his life evolved around sex, drugs and rock & roll; he was now a free man, after all. It went on for about a year, before he realized that going down this self-destructing path didn’t make him a much happier man. A drastic change was needed.

There were rumors about a train that lead to a strange land. A land that only existed in fairytales. A place that someone as curious as this man could hardly ignore.

Name: Sen
Other Characters: Deirdra, Ilyas, Bacon
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Admin Lily
 Posted: Dec 26 2013, 08:26 PM
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Player name: Lily!
Posts: 396
Joined: 16-June 12
Other Characters: Farrel Din, Ashlin Hawthorne
Awards: 1

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Alert the neighborhood, we've got a NOOB on our hands.

Welcome to B-town, WILLIAM! Feel free to introduce yourself if you haven't already and meet our other members. You can also get your lovely mug posted up in our Spotted in B-Town area.

You arrived at a great time. We currently are running a site event! Swing by and check it out!

If you've got some plots in mind, you can cook up some schemes over in our plot area. ou can also check out The Poop, our very own city bulletin board. There just might be a squat or band looking for you.

If you need a place to stay, something to eat or any other info on B-town, be sure to refer back to your Guidebook or visit our Help Desk.

As a Human, we recommend you steer clear of Birch Street. The Bloods that live there are hostile to humans. Also be mindful to only go into the human neighborhoods in the Suburbs

Don't worry, you're not the only new kid in town. We recommend you make a pit stop over at Dancing Ferret. First beer's on the house for new kids and there's no drinking age. It's a popular place, so you never know who you'll meet there.

If you ever need a hand in our fair city, feel free to PM me, your friendly neighborhood admin, at any time.
PMEmail Poster
 Posted: Sep 16 2017, 01:10 PM
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Player name: Ru
Posts: 29
Joined: 17-March 13
Other Characters: Skeezix, Sierra
Awards: None

Congratulations! You've manged to survive a month in B-town. Pat yourself on the back new kid! Looks like that "noob" sticker finally peeled off.

Your character's usergroup has been changed from Noob to Citizen.
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