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 The Hard Life, Tag - Open
Jasmine Doma
 Posted: Apr 13 2014, 07:27 AM
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Jasmine wondered if she’d ever felt so ashamed and humiliated in her life. Well, not counting the fact that she’d forsaken her loving father for a human who was keen on making her world a living hell and that she hadn’t trusted her father’s judgement – nor her own – which had caused her to be in that situation in the first place. Those things caused a worse sense of shame, but this was pretty horrible as well.

Working at a place like this. Being watched by those thirsty eyes. Jasmine did not even want to imagine what was on their minds, so she hoped that her magic wouldn’t suddenly unleash itself and give her a peek into the innermost thoughts of today’s clients.

Sometimes, it was best to not know.

The Scandal District. Everybody born and raised in this town knew that the bars and clubs here were always hiring, exploiting those in need. By far, not everyone worked here by choice, but choice was only granted to the very lucky. Jasmine was currently not among them. She had to eat. She had to live. And most of all, she had to do something, not just for herself, but for those who were in even bigger trouble than she was. That was the downside of staying at the Womyn’s Shelter. You were confronted with so many problems that didn’t belong to yourself and unfortunately, Jasmine felt a little too responsible for everyone else. Every tip she’d earned this week, she’d given to the woman she shared a room with. The woman, a mother of four, who was struggling so herself. It was unbearable to watch. In fact, giving her the money was rather an act of selfishness, wasn’t it? To not have to deal with the guilt.

Money. It made the world go round, whether you liked it or not. And the only way to get money was to do your job, whether you liked it or not. Giving away money meant working extra shifts. And until Jasmine could find a job at a decent place, it meant working extra shifts here, at The Hot Club. Even the name was terrible.

Tonight was just another night.

Maybe Jasmine would be able to hide behind the bar tonight and not get noticed. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe this would even be her last night and she’d get hired at the places where she could wear normal clothing. Maybe time would pass by quickly and Jas could pretend tonight had never happened, like she tried to pretend all those other nights hadn’t happened. Maybe no one would touch her and she wouldn’t have to scream and totally freak out.

Or maybe it’d be a total disaster.

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